A letter written to a friend concerning popish idolatry

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Get this from a library. A letter written to a friend concerning popish idolatry. [Herbert Croft]. Locke’s Letter and Evangelical Tolerance. John Locke’s Letter Concerning Toleration was one of the seventeenth century’s most eloquent pleas to Christians to renounce religious persecution.

It was also timely. It was written in Latin in Holland injust after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and published in Latin and English injust after the English parliament conceded. [2], 38 pp; A Letter to a Friend Concerning Some of Dr Owen’s Principles and Practices, London,78 pp; A Modest Survey of the Most Considerable Things in a Discourse Lately Published Entitles Naked Truth by G Jane, London, Moses Pitt, Second Edition[2], 29 pp; A Friendly Call or a Seasonable Perswasive to Unity, London, T Buffet.

A letter written to a friend concerning popish idolatry / by Herbert Lord Bishop of Hereford Croft, Herbert, [ Book, Microform: ]. This Sir Robert Bracher aforesaid, coming to Hadley to the burial of a certain friend of his, and God's great enemy, one Walter Clark, albeit he came somewhat too late to the market, (as he said,) yet desirous to utter such popish pelf and packware as he brought with him, he opened there his baggage of pestilent doctrine, preaching in the same.


A Brotherly Testimony Against the Use of Instrumental Accompaniment In Public Worship. By Larry Birger, Jr. Introductory Note.

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This letter was written to my friend's former pastor. It was subsequently forwarded to the elders of his former church, a small congregation in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Christ-mass is a mixture of Pagan idolatry and Popish invention.

The Roman Catholic Church hates the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This one thing, however, we can scarcely refrain from mentioning, with regard to what is written in the 24th chapter of the aforesaid Confession [Second Helvetic] concerning the "festival of our Lord's nativity.

John Rainolds, D. D.— This celebrated divine was born at Penboe, near Exeter, in the yearand educated in Corpus Christi college, Oxford. At first he was a zealous papist, and his brother William a professed protestant; but engaging in conference and disputation, the brothers, it is said, converted each ether; William becoming a most inveterate papist, and John an avowed protestant.

Associated with the 17th-century metaphysical poets, English poet and Anglican cleric Richard Crashaw was born in London. He studied at the University of Cambridge and taught at Peterhouse and the University of Cambridge. Crashaw’s collections include Poems and Epigrams of Richard Crashaw (), A Letter from Mr.

Crashaw to the Countess of Denbigh Against Irresolution and Delay in Matters. Letter To my very dear friend in the Lord, Doctor Hill, Physician * Letter To Mistress M.

H., a godly gentlewoman, comforting her in that common heaviness and godly sorrow, which the feeling and sense of sin works in God's children * Letter Another letter, full of godly comfort, written to the same person *. A Proposed Letter of Apology to Pope Francis from the GC President The comments feature has been turned off because a large number of comments have been made and some commenters have descended to personal name-calling and a completely disrespectful approach.

A letter written to a gentleman in the country, touching the dissolution of the late Parliament, and the reasons therof. Hall, John, / [] An humble motion to the Parliament of England concerning the advancement of learning, and reformation of.

CHAPTER I BOYHOOD. Lafcadio Hearn was born on the twenty-seventh of June, in the year He was a native of the Ionian Isles, the place of his birth being the Island of Santa Maura, which is commonly called in modern Greek Levkas, or Lefcada, a corruption of the name of the old Leucadia, which was famous as the place of Sappho’s self-destruction.

Full text of "A collection of controversial discourses by G. Hickes and a popish priest" See other formats. A letter from Mr. Humphry Hody to a friend concerning a collection of ca[n]ons said to be deceitfully omitted in his edition of the Oxford treatise against schism: in which is likewise contained offer of certain propositions to be prov'd by the advocates for the new separation.

A letter written by Sir Richard Grenvile (under his own hand) to an honorable person in the city of London, concerning the affairs of the west.

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Published by authority. Greville, Fulke, Baron Brooke, / [] The tragedy of that famous Roman oratour Marcus Tullius Cicero: Greville, Fulke, Baron Brooke, / []. A Letter Concerning Toleration and Other Writings (The Thomas Hollis Library) John Locke.

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Roman-Catholick principles in reference to God and the King explained in a letter to a friend and now made publick to shew the connexion between the said principles and the late Popish plot. ([London: s.n.], ), by James Maurus Corker and M. (HTML at EEBO TCP).

The Latin translation found in the Book of Concord of was furnished by Selneccer; this was revised for the official Latin Concordia of 78] Tract on the Power and Primacy of the Pope. Melanchthon's "Tract Concerning the Power and Primacy of the Pope, _Tractatus de Potestate et Primatu Papae_," presents essentially the same thoughts.

8 The book is entitled The Great Folly, Superstition, and Idolatry of Pilgrimages in Ireland; especially of that to St. Patrick's Purgatory. Together with an Account of the Loss that the Publick sustaineth thereby; truly and impartially represented.

Jablonski's letter is given the following. A LETTER, Produced by BONNER, written by some Friend of Mr. PHILPOT'S, and sent to him, concerning the Usage of Mr.

GREEN, in Bonner's House at London. A LETTER Written by Lady VANE to Mr. PHILPOT, exhibited likewise by Bishop BONNER.

Man's language to man written in the books of man soon decays, but God's language to man written in the Book of God never decays, having ever a dew-like freshness.

The Bible is a solitary book. In contrast to other volumes it can be said of it as of its Maker-- "They shall perish, but Thou shalt endure; yea, all of them shall wax old like a.

Full text of "Documents concerning the life and character ofVolume 2, Part 2" See other formats. A Godly and Zealons Letter written to Master Coverdale, M. Turner, M. Sampson, M. Doctor Humphrey, Mr.

Lever, M. Crowley, and others that labour to roote out the Weedes of Poperie, —6. A pleasant Dialogue between a Soldier of Berwick and an English f Captain, wherein are largely handled and laid open such Reasons as are brought for. Letter C. To search inside this page use your "Find" function to go directly to it.

"If Christ Himself had written the book and set it forth as a text-book, so to speak, of His religion, we would rest securely in it, and have no need to inquire farther. "The Scriptures indeed is a divine book but it is a dead letter, which has to be. Once more, a comparison of the Letter sent to Lord Mounteagle with a Declaration not only signed by Father Oldcorne but entirely in his handwriting, dated the 12th of March,reveals this remarkable fact that there is, first, a general similarity between the penmanship of both documents; and, secondly, there is a particular similarity in.

Henry Stubbe, A Reply unto the Letter written to Mr. Henry Stubbe in Defense of the History of the Royal Society () John Torbuck, Emerai par emeras, Extraordinary Dayes, Or, Sermons on the most Solemn Feasts and Fasts throughout the Year () Robert McWard, The True Non-conformist () Robert Boyle, Tracts () J.

C., An Account of Dr. Martin Bucer went furthest in this direction and taught in his "Dialogues" () the right and the duty of Christian magistrates to reform the church, to forbid and punish popish idolatry, and all false religions, according to the full rigor of the Mosaic law.

70 70 See Tollin, Butzer’s Confutatio der Libri VII.

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The first book issued by his Pear Tree Press was Some Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, Guthrie set type, printed and made drawings and wood engravings for the press.

Guthrie made the drawings for The Riding to Lithen, but the book was printed by Arthur Knowles Sabin (), also a poet. The same year he printed this book, Sabin took up a.

Main Article Primary Sources (1) John Foxe, Foxe's Book of Martyrs () By reading this history, a person should be able to see that the religion of Christ, meant to be spirit and truth, had been turned into nothing but outward observances, ceremonies, and idolatry.The Copy of a Popish Letter to the Bishop of Dover, by Thomas Gold well, a Priest.

written the day before his death. A Letter written to his Wife. Nicholas Hale and Christopher Wade, Martyrs; with their Articles and Answers. A Letter to a Friend, and another to all faithful Servants of Christ.According to the Book of Common Prayer, the purposes of marriage are: (1) the procreation of children, (2) the restraint and remedy of sin, and (3) mutual society, help, and comfort.